Quick Reminder – The Jewellery Auctions Are Back

Just in case you forgot: spring is auction time. Earlier today was Sotheby’s big Fine Jewels auction, but next week we have two others – Christie’s and Dupuis. Looks like more than one dragonfly brooch this year, if that’s your thing. I thought these star brooches were particularly beautiful, and so delicate for something so…

Is Camo…. Going to Come Back?

I saw this jacket on a blog’s Christmas gift guide, and thought it was so cute. Granted, it was just a thumbnail, and it was a gift guide for “your brother in law who hunts” or something, but still. Made me wonder: guys, is camo due for a comeback?

Just Say No To Christmas Overload

It’s December 1! Which means…. That’s right, the grinch is back. To be clear: I love Christmas. I love spending time with my family & drinking hot chocolate by a roaring fire. This is something we will actually do – we will do this with snow falling outside. I love all the lights, and the…

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