Emily and Tank

I’m Emily. I’ve blogged on-and-off for a few years: blogging is the hobby I just can’t quit (pottery, not so much).

I live in Vancouver, Canada with my dog, cat and husband. The dog and I like long walks in the woods. My husband sometimes joins us, but the cat never does. She’s lived indoors her whole life.


I promise I won’t blog about:

  • Cooking, especially recipes I’ve invented. On the food front, I’m more an appreciator than a creator.
  • Makeup or beauty products. They all seem the same to me, which is kind of how I feel about the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “oeuvre” – all variations of the same song.
  • Outfits that I wear. There are lots of great blogs that do this already, like Cupcakes & Cashmere orĀ Atlantic Pacific.
  • Exercise advice, while showing you photos of my hot body (this one is your loss; I apologize in advance)

I likely will blog about:

  • wine I drink
  • funny things I observe
  • things I want to buy but won’t actually end up buying

Questions, comments? Email me!: emily@

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