Just Say No To Christmas Overload

It’s December 1! Which means….


That’s right, the grinch is back.

To be clear: I love Christmas. I love spending time with my family & drinking hot chocolate by a roaring fire. This is something we will actually do – we will do this with snow falling outside. I love all the lights, and the cheer, the music. I even love all the window shopping, seeing what delightful things people have invented. Like those pretty ceramics, or any of the million cool things for kids you can buy.

But, let’s not go too crazy. Everyone, rein it in. Kids don’t need a lot of junk; it’s better for them to play with dirt and sand (ps. kinetic sand looks crazy cool); parents don’t need lots of stuff either. Remember the planet.

We can do it, guys – we can get through Christmas without losing our minds. Without office secret santa draws, but with a party; without buying 15 gifts for toddlers (who don’t know the difference), but with a good cookie baking session.

Merry Christmas & Good Luck!

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