Catastrophe Fashion: Loving Sharon Horgan’s Outfits on the Show

Have you been watching Catastrophe? I love almost everything Sharon Horgan’s character wears. Love! So chic, yet playful. And lots of prints!

Here’s the season 3 trailer:

I’ve managed, with a great deal of internet sleuthing, to find a few of her outfits…

Exhibit A:

sharon horgan catastrophe dress fashion rixo london

She doesn’t stick to one kind of print – she’ll do both floral and animal. This dress combines the two; it’s the Rixo London Penelope Dress, combining a daisy print skirt and sleeves with a cheetah or leopard print bodice:

rixo london penelope dress leopard and daisy floral

You can buy Rixo London dresses at Net-a-Porter, or also on their website.

Exhibit B:

catastrophe floral blazer

Here we have an example of the layered florals – a pale floral/animal print blouse underneath a dark floral blazer. (See also – Dries Van Noten SS14 for inspiration.)

If you’re looking for a floral blazer, I’d start with Zara. Here are two great options – a long, and a punchier with frilled sleeves.

It looks like she wears mostly UK brands, like Warehouse. Here are two great Warehouse floral dresses: the Mae Floral Midi Dress, and the Climbing Rosa Dress.

I’m almost positive this is the exact blouse in the above photo – the Warehouse Floral Bird Print Blouse, and that in other episodes she wears the Warehouse Thistle Print Western Shirt. Both are now sold out. (Thanks for nothing, Horgan!)

A hundred years ago, I had an adorable horse print blouse from Warehouse, and right now I am kicking myself for getting rid of it, even though it was almost falling apart, I’d worn it so much. Gah!

Exhibit C:

leopard sweater catastrophe

Lady loves her leopard prints. The above image is from season 3, the below is from an earlier season:

While I prefer the silky blouse over the checked trouser, I cannot find fault with an animal print sweater over a chambray collared shirt and denim skirt.

I’m pretty sure the silky number is an old River Island piece, but you can find similar duds (thankfully!) at Asos. Like: Vero Moda 1 in olive, Vero Moda 2 in blue and white, Fred Perry in yellow, and then this too cute Madam Rage Leopard in cobalt. Right now, unfortunately, River Island is doing a lot of sheer, but I wouldn’t be surprised if next season, we see Shazz in these sequins.

I also would not be surprised if she opts for this Warehouse snakeskin print jumper. Or this Equipment leopard sweater, which I would buy in a heartbeat if I hadn’t spent the last 3 days thinking about our budget. Ugh.

Happy clicking!

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