Do You Keep Junk Food in the House?

The other weekend, we visited another couple and stayed with them. It was wonderful, they were great hosts. They were so relaxed; we helped ourselves to their food and beverage, did all sorts of fun things with them, and had an excellent time.

Helping ourselves to their food was especially nice, as they had a whole cupboard full of snacks and cookies.

Can you imagine? A whole cupboard?! It was like a Pepperidge Farm paradise, and they were so relaxed about it: “Oh, we’ve been eating those Milanos for weeks.” They had like 2 half-eaten boxes of Fig Newtons, and two bags of Twizzlers.

twizzlers bag

Um, what?!

We talked about it when we got home.

Me: “Could you do it? Could you have a treat cupboard?”

Z ┬ásays no. If he had the sweets in the house, that’d be all he’d eat. Goodbye salad, let me at the Oreos!

Me? I could almost do it. Ice cream, Girl Guide cookies – if we have them in the house, I’ll leave them. I’ll eat my regular meals for days, and then remember: “Oh right, we have that ice cream. Hm. I’d like something sweet. Maybe I’ll have a scoop.”

But liquorice? If we have liquorice in the house, I won’t eat breakfast, lunch or dinner – I’ll just eat liquorice.

So generally, we don’t keep treats in the house – we don’t have small sweet things every day. But once-in-a-while, we’ll go out and buy ice cream or donuts or something, and eat them all right away.

This is also how it was at my house growing up. We rarely had dessert, but in the summer sometimes, my mom would declare “donut days”, where she’d come home with a box of donuts and we’d just eat those. In hindsight, this was probably more for her than it was for us, but let me tell you: it was awesome, just eating chocolate glazed long john donuts all day. She’d say things like: “Can you taste the cinnamon they’ve sprinkled on before they glazed? They only do it at that bakery.” Basically, giving us a donut tutorial.

long john donut
Pretty delicious, alright.

We don’t keep sweets or junk food in the house, but I’m curious if others do!

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