PSA: Giant Gummy Bears Exist

A new candy store opened here a while back, and when we went in, they graciously offered us samples.

Z is a candy connoisseur: he both loves and collects candy.

As he tasted one, he smacked his lips. He assumed the shopkeeper was the same – a candy connoisseur: “Ah, it’s a little more mellow – this must be made with the ammonium chloride salt – it has that finish.”

She had no idea what he was talking about: “ammonium chloride?”. I didn’t either, but I, of course, saw a business opportunity right away: “Sweetheart, with those tastebuds, we need to start renting you out!” (Contact me anytime, wineries!)

I’ve told you this story to set the scene: Z knows a lot about candy.

So a few weeks ago, when someone walked by his desk at work, saw some of his candy collection, and said: “Wow, I’m surprised you don’t have one of those giant gummy bears”, he and I were both shocked.

“What is a giant gummy bear?”

This is a real thing!
This is a real thing!

Turns out, on the internet, you can find gummy bears that weigh 5 pounds!

What will they think of next?! Am I right?

They have gummy worms that are even larger than that. They kind of gross me out, but they’re HUGE:

giant gummy cobra

What is that?! (Other than the subject of my nightmares?) Right?

This is Z’s gummy haul.

giant gummy haul

Yep, CRAZY. Looking at this still makes me feel like a grandma when she sees cell phones for the first time: “Well, I’ll be.”

I consider this post a public service announcement.

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