Unobservant California Driver

Driving home from dinner last night, Z noticed a particularly erratic driver behind us, in a little Volkswagen Golf.

Z: “Oh man, he has California plates. Not from around here.”

On Sundays, the right lane of many busy streets in Vancouver becomes a parking lane – you can’t stop there during the week, but evenings and weekends, sure. This is clearly marked; there’s ample signage.

As we come up to an intersection, California swerves, and starts driving in the parking lane. He pulls up behind what is obviously a parked box truck. No exhaust, no brake lights – this truck was staying a while.

Me: “Wait – is he parking? Does he realize that truck is parked?”

And then, no joke, California starts honking at the parked truck, as the rest of us go on our merry way. Honk, honk, honk. At least 3 honks, at a totally empty parked truck.

I laughed for the entire rest of the drive home.

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