When Yoga is Hard

tetanus charles bell
Only looks like yoga, is actually tetanus.

As usual, I’ve had the general feeling that I’ve been “letting myself go” lately. I tend to feel this way every couple of weeks, depending on my schedule and what I’ve been focussing on. Taking care of yourself requires energy and regular attention, you know? There’s no “setting and forgetting” your personal grooming, alas.

In any event, yesterday, I had a rush of energy. I’d realized I was overdue for a tetanus booster, and I’d signed up for a new yoga class, which I thought was going to be very low-key. I’d felt very responsible when I’d set it all up: the doctor in the morning, work, the class after dinner in the evening. Look at me go! Checking off all my personal care boxes!

When the doctor gave me the booster in the shoulder, I thought: “That didn’t hurt at all!” For the next 3 hours – until the yoga penalty-free cancellation deadline past- I felt nothing.

Then four hours past, and my arm started to ache. By the time I got to the yoga class, it felt like it weighed 3x as much as my other arm.

And, of course, the class wasn’t nearly as mellow as I’d thought it was going to be. The instructor asked us to do frog jumps and cartwheels.

You guys, I do not recommend vigorous yoga classes within 12-24 hours after tetanus boosters. Yoga is a lot harder when your body is fighting what it thinks is tetanus.

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