Password Absurdities

Last night, I finally broke down and told Z that I was mildly upset that he hadn’t changed all of his passwords to have something to do with me. Like how his banking pin number isn’t my birthday, or his email password something like: “EmilyLoveLifeXXXX”. (With “XXXX” being the year we met, got married, or moved in together – something romantic like that.)

Once it was out of my mouth, I realized:

Firstly, only two of my most obscure passwords are related to dates with Z, and certainly not any of my banking ones. (Sorry hackers, instead you’re stuck with my private pinterest board full of inspirational quotes.) So it’s not like I went through and updated all my pins, even.

Secondly, as Z said, ever-practically, after his surprise faded: “But that’s less secure.”

I laughed at the whole thing. Not only was it a ridiculous thing for me to be upset about, it was also one of those moments where I’ve been upset about something trivial and a little absurd that wasn’t even on Z’s radar. Never in a million years would it have occurred to him that I was frowning because he hadn’t updated his car2go pin to reflect our anniversary.

To quote Z: “Honey… What?!”

soft heart inspirational quote

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