Highlights: Petty Theft Rush, Late Term Sadness, and Abigail Fisher

child stealing toy
Image from NYTimes – “Stealing in Childhood Does Not a Criminal Make”

This past week, I was sicker than I’ve been in years! Thus, not a lot of posting action, I know.

Here’s hoping for much better health in the coming weeks!

In the meantime:

  • It’s been weeks since I read it, but I am still processing my thoughts on this article about girls who shoplift for kicks. Um, no – petty theft does not give me a rush.

Many of the lifters argue that what they do undermines a capitalist system that victimizes workers and exploits consumers. “I kind of lift with a Robin Hood philosophy,” Barbie says. Sometimes she gives the things she lifts to family and friends. Sometimes she keeps them for herself. “I essentially believe: take from the rich, give to the poor and fuck capitalism,” she writes in an “about me” section on her blog. “I’m a democratic socialist and think capitalism is a plague to America.” And then, an addendum: “yes I still am a greedy materialistic person. But it’s okay because I’m self aware!”

There’s just so much there, in that paragraph alone!

When she describes the delivery, I had to skip certain paragraphs – not because I was disgusted, but because I started to cry. When women are vilified for having late-term abortions, it’s never mentioned that they have to deliver the dead. As though the circumstance that forced them to terminate late weren’t painful enough, to then have to labour too? I cannot imagine how awful that would be.

An aside: Whatever bone Peter Thiel may have to pick with Gawker, I want him to leave Jezebel alone!

I probably listened to this 100 times last week:

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